The NC Stakeholders Engagement Group was an initiative funded by the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities from 2013 - 2016. The initiative is no longer active, but the website is being maintained as a resource to the general public. If you have questions, email

The NC Stakeholder Engagement Group (NC SEG) is a cross-disability advocacy initiative focusing on shaping the long-term support and service systems through meaningful engagement and dialogue with policymakers. We are currently the only group in North Carolina that consists solely of individuals receiving services and their family members.

We want policymakers - leaders at DHHS, at Medicaid, and our state legislature - to know what is important to us! As plans are developed for consolidating LME/MCOs, medical care, and how we get services, we hope that these decision makers will seriously consider our recommendations; that they will carefully look at these outcomes and expectations, and discuss real ways to make improvements today and in the future to make these outcomes and expectations a reality.

Endorse our Outcomes & Expectations Report!

The NC Stakeholder Engagement Group is thrilled that the following organizations have endorsed our "Outcomes and Expectations for Managed Long Term Services and Supports":

Few things are more effective in systems change than sharing a message and building a large network of support with established and respected groups or organizations. We are working to get as many supporters for the NC SEG’s Outcomes & Expectations as possible, and WE need your help!

Are you a part of an organization that would be interested in endorsing the NC SEG’s Outcomes & Expectations? Let us know! We can provide you with the information you need and schedule an NC SEG representative to present to your group! E-mail for more information.